MediKord™ is software written on a small USB flash drive which provides critical information to health professionals.

$88 including postage and GST

An electronic form stored on a USB flash drive ("memory stick") allows users to record their medical information, such as current medication and allergies.

Type of USB Flash Drive

Unless otherwise specified, the type of USB flash drive supplied is shown in the image on the right. We believe this to be the most reliable, having some level of protection against contacts becoming contaminated.

Carrying the Device

Carry the device so that it may be easily located in the event of an emergency, e.g. attached to a key ring or worn on a lanyard.

Filling out the Electronic Form

Plug the device into a PC, run the program, and enter the information where prompted, all fields are optional (your medical record may be obtained from your your general practitioner).

Privacy Issues

  1. Although the MediKord has facilities for password protection, it is not recommended due to the possibility of emergency personnel or the patient being unable access the device in the case of an emergency
  2. There is no requirement to connect to the internet.
  3. It must be emphasised that such confidential records are the owner's/patient's responsibility and care should be taken not to lose the device or leave it lying around. A backup should be kept in a secure place.

Backup Copy

We strongly recommend having a backup copy which may be kept on a computer hard disk drive and/or another flash drive. Please remember to keep the backup up-to-date.