About us

We provide computer software to enable documentation of critical medical information on a compact digital storage device, making your information easily available in case of an emergency.

Our goal is to assist medical professionals by expediting medical information in order to minimise medical errors and assure at least a minimum standard of health information is available when a patient is seen by a first responder or other provider.

Medical history information is an important first step to ensuring an accurate diagnosis and proper care in an emergency.

In an emergency, medical personnel have only seconds to diagnose your needs and begin lifesaving procedures. Unfortunately, patients are often incapacitated and cannot communicate their special needs in an emergency and are subject to an increased risk of medical errors.

In an emergency, healthcare providers are faced with starting from scratch or taking some risk because they haven’t the patient’s medical information, relevant past history, allergies, or medications.

MediKord™ allows quality of care to be improved, as patients and doctors benefit from immediate access to the patients emergency information, allowing all parties to avoid the sometimes dangerous duplication of medications and other errors associated with incomplete information.

Let MediKord™ provide your critical information to emergency professionals when you might not be able to.